Learning via dialogue.
Streamlined grading.


Streamlined Grading

Receive notifications when students submit responses. Grade a single question at a time, across all students. Grade anywhere on any phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Learning via Dialogue

Students submit a photo of their work. You can then annotate the responses directly in the app and also give them a score. Students can submit revisions and you can give them further feedback. The process stops when the student has properly mastered the skill.

No Lost Work

A complete history of work is backed up in the cloud. Say goodbye to those dog-ate-my-homework excuses.

Fewer Missed Assignments

Recent assignments are displayed at the top of the list, making it easy for students to quickly see which assignments are due. Students are encouraged to resubmit their work in response to the teacher’s feedback.

How does it work?

Students take photos of their work
The teacher is notified
Then provides feedback
And a grade
The student can resubmit
And the grade summary is always up to date

Video Walkthrough


Formative assessment made easy

"My wife has been teaching for 10 years and really cares about her students. As part of her weekly routine implementing formative assessment, she spends a lot of time grading. As a software developer, I'm obsessed with streamlining processes such as the feedback cycle in formative assessment. Quizster is our attempt to make this process more efficient, so that teachers can focus their energy on the quality of their feedback."

Geoff Cox, Co-Founder of Quizster


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$0 / year


$29.95 / year

Number of classes 1 Unlimited
Unlimited students and assignments
Hassle-free formative assessments
Compliment your current workflow. Reuse current worksheets, textbook problems, etc...
Students take photos of work
Teachers do not have to collect or return paperwork
Students can submit screenshots of work done in other programs like OneNote
Grade directly in the app, with or without a stylus
Encourage mastery of a skill through revisions
Real-time notifications for teachers and students
Download the grade summary with one click
Digital portfolio of student work
Works on any phone, tablet or desktop computer
Backed up in the cloud and synced across all devices
Cancel at any time
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$0.00 / year

1 class. Unlimited students and assignments for that class.


$29.95 / year

Unlimited classes, students and assignments.
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